I don’t know how many of you are gonna read it complete but here’s my feelings for you guys. It’s just an appreciation post for each and everyone of you, Every person who is supporting me from start or those who just started reading my work.

I might not have said it enough time but you guys are the sole reason that I am following my passion which is writing. I can’t forget your patience when I was writing my book Jaan or your impatience while writing Her healer or your support while writing Lost Mafia Princess. You always supported me.

We made such a bond that I know whenever I am down I can always post and you’ll be here to support me.

I know now I couldn’t reply to all of your comments these days because it’s too many and I just couldn’t , I really apologise for that but it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate them. I appreciate each and every comment and likes. I love it when you message me or post your query here.

I feel lucky to able to get the best readers out there who supported me soo much. Forgive me if I ever made any mistake or act rude because I have too many mood swings but my love for you all would never have any mood swings .

You guys are my support system literally and I am so lucky to get you all. I remember whenever I was upset, I just used to post a chapter and comments of yours always made me laugh, blush and happy, made me forget my problems. Now that the number of my followers increased, don’t think that I forgot my previous ones, you’ll always be special and in my heart.

I appreciate your mere presence in my life, my journey. Thankyou for being there with me. I don’t know what to say but you all are my babies, my sunshines and I am always here for you if you need me. Remember your author loves you a lot and you all are my love.

You might think that it doesn’t matter to me but your every comment, your feedbacks, your messages, everything has been part of my journey, my support when I felt like giving up. So when you feel like you did nothing great in life, just remember that your mere presence made a girl who always suppressed her feeling , needs , you guys made that girl took steps towards her dream. And because of your support that girl started to dream, the dream which she was afraid of earlier. It’s life and changes will come but I know you’ll be with me in thick and thin and so I’d always try to support you guys as much as I could.

I have many more things to say but I forgot them at the moment , sorryyyyyy!!!!!!

I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My babies

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I just want to say that if you love my story then please support me. As a student, it's hard to take some time out for your passion and it would be very helpful if you can support me so I can also see where it will lead me to.

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A microbiology student who is mad about fiction.