Chapter 1

A young boy looking out from the window of a private room in club, loud music was blasting with flickering lights and so many people sweating,drinking, grooving on the beats. He noticed a middle aged man entering the club fuming in anger with some guards behind him, coming directly towards his room pushing everyone away from the site. He sat on the couch with  a glass in his hand looking intently at the man who just sat in front of him moving his index finger over the rim of glass . The environment was tense as the older man was fuming with anger while the younger boy was there smirking looking at him.

“Do you think I’ll let you win just like that. I’ll fucking kill you” the older man said with anger evident in his eyes as he bring out the gun from his back pocket pointing at the boy while he was sitting there unfazed .

Soon, everyone’s guns were out pointing at each other while the younger boy was sitting still with fist tighetened.

“You know you are still alive only because I promised my older brother to let him have a talk with you” the younger one said glaring at the other.

The older one put the gun on younger’s head while everyone had a tight grip on their gun but not for long as it was all silenced soon when the capo of American mafia entered.

“Leo, I just asked you to handle this meeting for 10 minutes and you pissed off our guest so soon.” Clemente said while Leo smirked at him.

Clemente sat beside Leo and looked at the man with gun in his hand.

“Mr. Morrito ,no matter whats’s the situation you should know that neither you nor anyone else in this world has the right or the power to point their gun at Romanos” Clemente asked glaring at him scaring the shit out of him.

“This little boy is way too arrogant. He really needs some teaching.” Morrito argued back which was his biggest mistake.

Leo stood up from his seat and went towards Morrito making him take a step back.

“ I am in a good mood today and that is the only reason I am leaving you alive” Leo said and moved out of the room.

As Leo was leaving the bar , he heard a faint voice of gun shooting.


That’s why I hate handling these meetings. These stupid man and their stupid egos which got hurt by some stupid comments.

I collected my bag from the reception and went towards my bike. Putting on a helmet, I started my bike for a journey towards cafeteria in my school where my friends and my twin are waiting for me.

As I reached , I parked my bike and looked around only to find some girls checking me out. I smirked at them and went directly to cafeteria. These girls have such a bad luck considering the fact that I am not even interested in girls and they are wasting their efforts on me. But no one knows about this except my family and my 3 friends. Although I am bisexual but very few girls get my attention.

I reached cafeteria and saw all of them sitting there . it was lunch time so the cafeteria was fully packed. As I was walking towards my friends I collided with something or maybe someone. I closed my eyes and was ready to punch the person . I raised my hand but my hand stopped itself on seeing the person on the ground.

Those doe eyes looking at me with fear while my hand stopped in middle on seeing him. His eyes were scared looking at my hand in air.

FUCK!!!!   He is beau……….!! What the hell??

I opened my fisted hand and looked at him. His eyes were squinted clearly telling me whats going in his mind. I looked at my hand and then at him but he still not moved from his place.

I shook my head and bowed down a little to take his hand. I hold his hand and made him stood up on his feet

“Are you fine ??” I asked him

He did not reply instead he kept looking at me with those terrified eyes.

Is he that scared of me? I never shouted or fight with him though. It’s our first time meeting and that’s how he is gonna look at me?

I felt my anger building up thinking about his reaction. I glared at him and left his hand with a jerk, leaving from there.

As I reached my table, I sat there with a sour mood.

“oooooooooooo” I heard a cheering around me and looked at my group. All of them having goofy smile on their face. I gave them a hard look and bring out my phone from my pocket.

“We just saw what happened there” Sam said out loud.

“Someone finally got   crush” Nial joined him.

While Xavi and Noah laughed at their choice of words.  

“Shut up!! ” I said grumbling .

And I heard a chorus of laugh around me. I looked up and shot them a look which had no effect on him.

“If you keep up that scary look on your face , you’ll get wrinkles soon .” Xavi said putting some fries in his mouth making everyone laugh.

After sitting their for some time , we all decided to go back to our home. I started my bike when Noah came and sat behind me. I shot him a look while he just gave me a smile. I just started my bike.

“So , what’s the reason behind your sour mood” Noah asked and i felt myself exposed. He always guessed it right whatever emotion I am going through. And no matter how much I try to hide it away from him, he always find it.

“he was scared of me” I felt myself letting my emotions out in front of him. I heard a chuckle from behind and looked at him through mirror.

“If you stare at him with a dead look in your eyes, he is gonna be scared.What else were you expecting” he said while I thought about his words.

“Did you really got a crush?” noah said it even after knowing what I am gonna answer him.

“no” I denied with a straight look on my face.

“You are?” noah smirked while I wasn’t even in mood.

“Stop it noah. And tell me how preparation are going on at home.” I asked him distracting him , knowing well that only mention of our sister can distract him from any important topic.

And that’s how we cover the whole distance , listening his talks about how excited he is , how happy he is, how he is gonna spend his coming days.

We reached and I saw our mansion which is decorated today for the welcome of my little sister who is coming to live with us after a dreading wait of 14 years . Today she’ll be back home with us.

I am happy but somewhere I am scared. I am scared because of my personality. I don’t talk much but what if she doesn’t like that and starts hating me. I have trust issues even though she is my little sister I’ll not open up with her until I am sure that she is worth it. I missed her all these years, I missed her so bad. I might not have that much memory of her but the feeling of something missing was always with me.

Thinking about all this, I didn’t even realize when I reached my destination that is my home. As I parked my bike in the garage , my phone pinged. I bring out my phone from my pocket and saw a message  in the family group . I opened the message and saw a pic of an angel.

 Wow!!! she is so pretty and cute. She looks like an innocent kitten getting trapped between some wolves. Thinking about that my mind went to what our profession is and how we are gonna destroy her innocence  because of our selfishness. This thought alone ruined my mood and I put my phone back without any reply as my brother were gushing about how cute she is!!!!

Later that day , Alessa entered their life bringing some beautiful changes with her.

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